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Who is The Literary Onion?

The temptation to write ‘Wouldn’t you like to know…’ here is extremely strong but I’ll try and be a bit sensible about it (which is a break from my norm, so bear with me). I’m a writer (always in training) and chef (fully trained), trying desperately to earn a living doing the things I’m ‘good’ at and fighting against anxiety daily. Oh, and I’m also taking my mother along for the ride (she offered, I swear). I was born in the middle of you’ll-never-know, UK and now live in the middle of an-introvert’s-dream, France. Occasionally, I may bring them up so I just thought you should know in case I do. Other things that may be brought up are: my silly dog, my greedy cats, my lovely niece (the only person in the world to ever think I was in any way ‘the best’), my hopefully-doesn’t-read-this big sister and my parents.

I hope you enjoy reading. If you do, consider following my page, liking and leaving comments (especially if you have ideas for reviews or recipes etc.). I apologise for the adverts in advance. I have to put them there to try and gain a sliver of income. If you want to help out with that more, you’ll find a donation section at the bottom of each page– and thank you in advance if you do. Thank you for reading,


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