Let the Next Chapter Start!

So… I’m back. Having posted only a small amount over the last few months (my bad) I have now officially become a full-time blogger. Does that mean I’ll be posting every day? Well, no, it takes a bit of time to read the books and create the dishes, but it does mean I shall be posting more often (assume once or twice a week).

Now, I’ve made a big decision visa-ve (honestly, this may not be how you spell that) what I create the food from, and the truth is in the modern age stories can come from many different places– not just prose, but poetry, non-fiction and visual mediums such as films and television. And I love TV and Films as much as prose, plays and poetry, so why not focus on them too?

There are some Christmas themed dishes planned for next month but until then, let’s get through some of my favourites. Do you want a hint as to what they could be? Well, I’ll give you them anyway.

  • Number 1. In charades terms, a film, four words, first word ‘the’. Your other clue for this is that it was originally intended as a Halloween post, before I lost use of the internet for a month and a half. Yet, even though this is the case, it’s now more apt than ever.
  • Number 2. It provides a lot of ‘scope for the imagination’. Hint, hint. It is a book, and one of my favourites from my university reading, but I’m celebrating it because of my excitement for the upcoming new series (season to an American) on Netflix.
  • Number 3. My final one before Christmas officially starts. This is also a book but it is a very famous film too. Anybody that actually looks at my very bare Twitter account will know that I was reading this a couple of months back. The dish has been planned for awhile, even before I’ve finished the book (which I’m still yet to do, as I’ve not found it the easiest of reads).

And then, in the words of Slade and Noddy Holder ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS!’

There’ll be new recipes, new dishes, reviews– and along with this a new YouTube Channel with videos to help you learn some basic skills in the kitchen (sharing a bit of that knowledge from my Professional Cookery qualification).

If that’s not your thing, or if you also have another thing, feel free to check out my other brand, shiny, new blog ‘Literary Scribbles’. Here you can read my home-written stories, poetry etc. and read my posts dedicated to the craft of writing.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for your patience (assuming you actually waited). Here’s to the year ahead… New Year may not be for another month and a half, but it certainly feels like it’s starting now for me.


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